Text? No, Thank You!

Cell phones and other wireless devices are rapidly replacing the old landline home telephone. According to a recent study, the number of U.S. households that still have landline phones is between 40 and 60 percent, down from 96%, a few years ago. We don’t have a landline phone in our home. Peggy has a 3G Smart phone and I have a small flip phone. You see to me a phone is a device which allows me to communicate, conversationally, with other people, and they with me. I don’t depend on my phone for entertainment, just communication. My little flip phone is not designed for entertainment. It is designed to allow me to communicate with people of my choosing, from most any location by speaking to them and listening to their reply. My phone will allow me to send and receive text messages, but that is not my preferred method of communicating with others. I prefer to talk to people, and have them talk to me. I try to only use text messaging when people are not available for voice communications. To me, text messages are somewhat cold, impersonal and devoid of human contact. I prefer that someone wait and contact me when they have the time to talk and listen. The human voice is capable of conveying so much more than a cryptically typed message filled with abbreviations and misspellings. Text messages, to me, are symbolic of the desire of many to refrain from exposing the deeper feelings that are conveyed by pauses, voice tones and inflections. I can hear a tear in someone’s voice but I can’t in a text. I know that there are times when a text may be appropriate, but I fear with many people texting is fast replacing talking, and when that happens we will lose a vital personal connection. I think that is why some of us have a problem praying. It is so personal. You can’t send God a text. He wants to hear your voice. When you call out to Him in prayer He hears and listens. The vocal call of blind Bartimaeus stopped Jesus in His tracks. Mark 10:49. I don’t think a text would have done the same. Call out to Jesus and I’ll see you in Church.

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