Pain In My...Hip

I have been suffering with pain in my right hip for some time. Actually the pain’s location is a four letter word, but we will just refer to it as my hip. Sometimes the pain is debilitating. My family Doctor sent me to an orthopedic surgeon who took X-rays and sent me to a physical therapist. After weeks of exercises and treatments I went to a Chiropractor. They all did their best, but I can’t tell that I am any better. So, I am taking various, over the counter, pain relievers and toughing it out. Because of my pain I sold my Kubota Tractor, the four implements that went with it, and the 16 ft. trailer that I used to transport them. Shortly before that I sold my John Deere, four wheel drive, diesel powered, ATV known as a “Gator.” I had purchased the tractor and the Gator because I needed them. Actually the underlying reason for those purchases was that they were on my bucket list. With guys the list is usually comprised of things that are expensive, powerful, impractical and noisy. Members of the feminine gender categorize most of the items on a guy’s bucket list as “Old Boy’s Toys.” Ladies have also been known to have such a list, but I am not equipped to venture into that hazardous terrain without my Gator. If the underlying reason for buying the tractor and the Gator was a bucket list, the underlying reason for selling those same items was the pain in my hip. In fact it is very likely that the hours I spent happily bouncing and jerking across the hillsides on my tractor and my Gator are probably the underlying cause for my pain. The Bible teaches us to pray wisely. Jesus said, that we are to pray for eternal things that agree with God’s will, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” I had prayed for that tractor and that Gator. Then I prayed God would help me sell them. We need to be careful what we pray for. As for the pain in my… hip, well Paul had a thorn in his flesh which he prayed about until God told him that His grace was sufficient. Seek God’s grace and pray according to His will, and I’ll see you in Church.

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