Learning a Lesson

Peggy and I have been blessed with three children, nine grandchildren and one great-grandchild thus far, hint, hint. Every one of them is a keeper. We have tried to support them all in their various activities, making road trips to attend graduations, band concerts, drama productions, beauty pageants, recitals, volleyball matches, soccer matches, football, basketball, baseball and softball games. Saturday morning we drove to Southern Union Community College in Wadley, Alabama to watch Hannah, one of our granddaughters, play softball. It is her second year as the starting catcher for the North West Florida State College Raiders. We traveled up County Hwy 9, a two-lane road, through the small community of Santuck. It was the first Saturday in March. Hear me when I say! “You do not want to go through Santuck, Alabama on the first Saturday of any month except for the months of January and February.” In 1976, the people of Santuck started having a Flea Market to raise money to repair storm damage to their community center. It started with 40 booths and it has grown to over 400. It took us 25 min to drive through Santuck. I have been to college football games that drew smaller crowds. The traffic jam was 6 miles long. The quickest way to Wadley, Alabama is not through Santuck on the first Saturday morning of most months. That is one of several lessons I learned Saturday. I also learned that “Good Old Boy’s Bar-B-Q” in Alex City is a great place to get some good eating. That was worth the trip, but the best lesson I learned, brought tears to my eyes. I watched Hannah and her team mates win both of their games while wiping tears from my eyes. The tears were caused by lesson #3. “Don’t apply ‘Bio Freeze’ to your Hip and then rub your eyes.” I am sure there were some who were moved by how emotional that old man was about the softball game. Something that Jesus said applies here, “He that has ears to hear let him hear.” Matthew 11:15. There is a lesson in every experiences God allows. Always learn from the lesson, and I will see you in Church.

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